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Kore Pest Control Services:

At Kore Pest Control, we will provide you with a flexible service plan that can expand to incorporate the ever-changing needs of your business.

Here's How:

A thorough inspection and a customized treatment:

Our year-round pest control service will begin with a thorough inspection of your commercial property, to find every potential hiding place and breeding ground for unwanted insects, spiders or rodents.

Then, Kore’s expertly trained and licensed service technician will prescribe a customized treatment program that is perfectly designed to create and maintain a pest-free environment for your business – all year long.

At Kore Pest Control we treat for pests. But we’re not your old-school, spray-happy exterminator. Our goal is to find sources and any pest-friendly conditions, using the principles of integrated pest management. We block entry points and we get rid of nesting sites, to keep any new pests from entering.

Kore Pest Control Guarantee:

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We are committed to always providing 100% total satisfaction. Whenever a Kore Pest Control technician enters your home our property, you can be assured of neat, professional and courteous service. Bottom line: Your Kore service will be done right, every time. If it’s not, let us know and we will make it right.

Free Pest Inspection in 4 Hours – Guaranteed

Call before 2pm and we’ll be at your home within 4 hours to provide a free, zero obligation inspection and estimate.